Born Dominic Rocky Daniels, in the city of Anaheim, California in 1984, raised in San Gabriel, CA. At a young age his passion has always been in movies, animation, and storytelling. He attended Mission Renaissance Fine School of Arts starting at the age of 10 for 8 years and trained through various video production and art programs in high school. After graduation from Gabrielinio High School in San Gabriel, CA with a small scholarship, he attended The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles in Santa Monica CA, even further developing his craft. Later he fell into film crew work as a production assistant where he interned for a couple of months on Seth Green’s first season of the Emmy award winning animated show “Robot Chicken” and Dino Stamatopoulos’s stop-motion animated series “Morel Orel” based at Shadow Machine Films in Los Angeles. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation, he would work privately for a music video director he met at a summer party in 2007 in music videos & TV pilots as a grip and dolly grip.

His music video work would be featured on BET with hip hop gospel singer Sharon Maree’s “Stand Up” and hit top charts on Billboards Top R&B Music Videos and hip hop group K-N-S with Kong Fist Entertainment’s music video “Riding in a Chevy” being recognized as a group by BET as “Best Break Out Artist of 2007”. He also worked in video games as a game tester on “Spider-Man 3: The Game”, “Quantum of Solace: James Bond 007” and on “Call of Duty: World at War” at Activision in Santa Monica, CA including games for Wemo Media, Inc in Venice, CA and other indie game companies in association with 505 Games on “Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted” for the Playstation Vita. He’s also worked as a Red Carpet Staff Photographer and Production Manager for JaMMin Productions in North Hollywood, CA and as a short film producer with Red Cape Cinema Productions. His screenplays have won multiple quarterfinalist awards with

He also worked as a background actor on eight episodes on the final season of “ER” at Warner Bros in 2008. He currently works in sales on the side. In his spare time, he writes as a novelist and produces and arranges electronic dance music under his Electronic Dance Music, NEGA BLAST X brand. He is also a third cousin to legendary film actress and vaudeville star Bebe Daniels who starred in the 1933 feature film “42nd Street”. He currently lives in Burbank, CA.

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A young teenage girl journeys through the land of dreams to save her inventor grandfather to protect his dream machine that opens portals to different worlds and its hidden secrets from the hands of the dark lord Akumai lord of the shadows.

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